These are just some of the testimonials happy customers have sent in!

“We are so pleased that we found ReRoof 101 before we purchased our new roof. This was the first re-roof we had to do in our current house, and we were clueless about how to proceed. Our ReRoof 101 report gave us exact measurements of our roof, let us try different combinations of materials and grades of installers to tally prices, provided information about various roof products like performance and lifespan, and educated us on general roofing terms. We were more than prepared when we met with the installers, and we used the negotiating tips in our ReRoof 101 report to get the best price on our beautiful new roof! We know we saved thousands of dollars doing our homework before replacing our old roof, and we would highly recommend ReRoof 101 to anyone considering a re-roof.”
Carol N.

“As a salesman for a roofing company, I was a little uncomfortable when my prospect brought out the ReRoof101 package and put it on the table after I had presented my numbers. My mind was racing as I wondered how to explain why my numbers might differ from some internet out-of- towner and his fancy computer calculations. I was worried for nothing.

It was a lot more comprehensive than I had guessed and once the variables in the computer package were analyzed, I became quite confident because my numbers didn’t look so bad after all. In fact, the questions and options listed in the report gave me the opportunity to brag about our company with a little more perspective than I would normally have and none of the numbers were unreasonable or thoughtless. Now I’m hoping more homeowners have a report like this before I get there in future: It will make my job a lot easier!”
Chris T.

“Wow, we are so impressed with the report we received from ReRoof 101! Talk about finding out “everything you could want to know about re-roofing” but were afraid to ask”! The detail is amazing, from actual aerial photos of our home, choices of material, complete explanation of the process and comparisons of materials we can choose from. One step further, we found benefits and comparisons from wood shake, composition, concrete to steel. We now feel confident to jump in and make this purchase that we have been avoiding as we had no idea how to go about getting a durable, nice looking and fair priced job. The metrics in the report allowed us to “play around” with different roof options and grades of installers to see how the price changed. Most important, it showed us how to be educated consumers when we discuss pricing with the salesman. It’s kind of like having a “blue book” in our back pocket making sure we get a great deal. It took ten minutes to survey, report e-mailed in two days and peace of mind that is priceless when making such a large investment. Thank you very much.”
Jim and Deanna T.

“The ReRoof 101 website is very straight-forward in providing information on the services they offer, with examples of what it will look like. This is valuable for people to understand what they paying for. The report was very thorough, providing all the information we needed to have a clear understanding of what roof we have. It included all the terminology needed to understand what we were looking at: roof pitch, valleys, ridges, rakes, eves, etc. The measurements helped understand the total roofing areas, and also the squares that are used in roofing measurements. The aerials were fun, because it was as if we were flying over the house and viewing it from all the angles like a bird! The information is very valuable to have, especially the language of the roofing business and the calculations of the roofing material needed. The options give you insight on the different roofing types possible for your roof, and then what fits in your budget (very important!). The negotiating tactics section help with choosing the right contractor, and the reroofing booklet is the textbook of what your choices and options are, how to go about the whole process, and we especially liked the info on how to prepare for the whole event.

You can go ahead and spend the hours of time trying to do the research and figure out what information is useful and how to conform it to your roof. Or, save time and have ReRoof 101 do it in a concise, thorough and easy-to-understand way that gives you all the information you need in one report, while you can relax and spend your time on more pertinent or fun things to do!”
Jana V. and Tom M.